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Introducing Africa - The Unexplored.

Welcome to the next chapter of Afrocast Production. In response to our users, we have included links to important news and reviews from around the world. Under the following topics, we provide an up-to-date and informative site especially to our Africa-based users.

Coming SOON!!!!!!!!!

Remember those games we played as kids in the red dusty playgrounds of our african schools. Well they seems to be fading away from memories as the minds of today's african child is mostly focused on computer games and other western devices. A compilation of these games with descriptions and detailed instruction will be available soon on this site.

We are also researching one of the most influential  tribes ever to roam the west coast of Africa - the Creole. If you think UMOJA was spectacular, wait till you see this musical about the Creoles who were repatriated to Africa, mainly from the West Indies, after the abolition of Slave Trade and played a very significant role in the region. Unfortunately, this once glorious set of people is slowly disappearing from the region.  This musical (name witheld) tells the story of the Creole since they arrive in Freetown to present day featuring songs, dance and poems by some prominent creoles and how they have integrated with other tribe in the sub region. Watch this space......


In promoting the positive aspects of Africa, the Management of Afrocast Production will be producing Documentaries about the continent. We will be working directly with sources both at home and abroad.  Being an independent  non-profitable company, Afrocast Production will be funding most of it’s programs through sponsorship and any profit will be plowed back into the African Media especially at grassroot level. Hence our motto—Promoting the Unexplored.

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